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Mortgage price war erupts - good news for borrowers

Last post: Aug 1, 2012

A mortgage price war

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Taking PayDay loans will affect your chances of getting a mortgage

Last post: Jul 12, 2012

What has long been suspected has now been formally confirmed: GE Money have become the first lender to publicly state that they will refuse mortgage applications if the client has taken one payday loan in the past three months or more than two in the past twelve months, even if they were fully paid off in time.

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Getting a Buy to Let mortgage with adverse credit

Last post: Jul 6, 2012

Historically getting a Buy To let mortgage has meant that you need to have a near flawless credit history.

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French Holiday Home tax planned

Last post: Jul 5, 2012

The French change tax laws on foreign property ownership.

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Did Barclays' LIBOR manipulation affect my mortgage rate? Probably not.

Last post: Jun 28, 2012

Set aside the hyperbole and faux outrage from the tabloids and read what really happened with the LIBOR manipulation "scandal"

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Irish Bankruptcy Tourism Growing in the UK

Last post: Jun 19, 2012

Irish bankruptcy tourism is becoming a thing

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