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How the ECB will drive UK house prices higher in 2012

Last post: Mar 2, 2012

The ECB have just lit the fuse of the UK housing market; but will it end well?

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OFT to review Payday loan lending

Last post: Feb 26, 2012

The Office of Fair Trading has announced that they are to conduct a review into the PayDay loan market and the practices of PayDay Loan Lenders. The review will focus on compliance with the Consumer Credit Act and the OFT’s guidance on Irresponsible Lending.

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Peer to peer lending goes mainstream

Last post: Feb 16, 2012

Ask 10 people on the High Street where they might best get a personal loan and I’ll wager at least 9 of them will say “The bank”. This is the way it has always been and habits are not easily broken.

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Lowest 10 year fixed mortgage ever

Last post: Jan 26, 2012

I have to be a bit careful with the title of this piece because the way the market is going and the way interest rates are forecast to stay so low for so long (at time of writing, the CEBR expects Interest rates to remain unchanged until 2016!) it could well be soon out-dated, However, for now, the title is safe.

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UK Buy to Let market developments

Last post: Jan 15, 2012

Lenders are improving their Buy to Let Mortgage Ranges Some important factors that prove the buy to let UK market is on the increase are the great offers from various financial institutions including Woolwich, Yorkshire Building Society and Platform.

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Guide to Equity Release mortgages

Last post: Dec 20, 2011

In these tougher economic times, many people are turning to their home as a source of income, which is something that an equity release mortgage can assist with.

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