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As well as earning competitive commissions we feel there are two major advantages to being an Introducer with Choice Loans:

1. It's a "one stop shop" for all your finance needs. 

There's no need to pass different clients to multiple suppliers, instead we take care of everything here under one roof. Our range of financial products also makes it possible to connect client's with alternative, better suited options, if the product they're seeking isn't the perfect fit. For instance, if a mortgage applicant decides to switch to take a bridging loan, we can still assist.

2. All of your leads can be accessed online 

This means you'll benefit from near real-time updates on your client's progress. We believe we are the only broker in the UK which offers this combination of products all online under one roof. 

Our current introducers include High Street banks, IFAs, investment advisors, mortgage brokers, property managers as well as local and internet-based lead generators. 

Ready to become an Introducer?

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What is required to be an Introducer?

In short, anyone with a source of clients needing finance, for any purpose, is welcome to apply to be an introducer. All we ask is for three things:    

FCA Registration

This is only required if you wish to submit CCA regulated business. For any transactions regulated by the CCA we do require you to be registered with the FCA. Broadly speaking this means any personal finance agreement but also includes business finance for sole traders or partnerships. If all you do is business finance then you are not required to be FCA registered.    

Data Protection Registration

If you are collecting, storing and passing the personal details of your clients, you must have a Data Protection license. This can be arranged online and currently costs £35, unless your organisation turns over more than £25.9m in a year and has in excess of 249 employees in which case the license is £500 (correct as of April 2015).    

Completed Introducer Application Form

We also ask that you complete our short application form in order to provide us with your correct contact and business information.    

To learn more or to apply for a please either fill in the call back form at the top of this page or call us on 01494 410 125 and we're happy to discuss how we can help you.