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What Mortgages are available?

  • First time mortgages for buyers with smaller deposits    
  • Remortgages: fixed or floating rate choices available    
  • Buy to let mortgages: for investment properties    
  • Mortgages for over 65s: specialist lenders available
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I borrow?    

This is determined primarily by your disposable income. A full fact find will be taken by your mortgage broker and from this they will determine what you can borrow. The maximum LTV available is 95%.

Can I get a mortgage if I have had bad credit?    

There are still options available but it depends on the nature and timing of the bad credit issues you have.

Can I get a mortgage if I am over 65?    

Yes, though there may be some restrictions. See our page about Mortgages for over 65s.

Can I get a mortgage in the UK if I live overseas?    

Yes, though there may be some restrictions. Contact us for further details.

What is needed to apply

Applying for a residential mortgage can be a long process, but with the correct guidance it can be surprisingly hassle-free. Here's what you'll need in order to apply...

  • Eligibility Criteria You will need clean credit, sufficient income and a deposit (of variable amount) to get started with this process. 
  • Documents Required Application form, proof of ID and proof of income are all required as standard. 
  • Additional Comments A mortgage usually takes 6-8 weeks to arrange, though more complex cases may take longer. 

The regulation surrounding mortgages has never been as complex as it is now. For this reason using a specialist broker who is experienced and qualified in advising clients about mortgages makes a lot of sense. 

A mortgage is usually the largest borrowing most of us will ever take on. Given the large amount being borrowed and how the loan we choose will affect our future finances, there is  a lot to be gained by engaging a mortgage expert.     

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