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Spanish mortgage options for UK citizens

Last post: Jun 4, 2013

What's available in the Spanish mortgage market? Find out here.

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Should I refinance my credit/store cards?

Last post: May 24, 2013

An Aviva survey in December 2011 revealed that, of the average family’s unsecured debts of over £10,000, a number of these attract high, ongoing interest rates or charges. They can be avoided if borrowers paid them off with a fixed loan instead.

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Santander launches lowest ever 10yr fixed rate mortgage

Last post: May 20, 2013

Santander have today launched what we believe is the UK’s lowest ever 10 year fixed mortgage rate at 3.94%.

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New Charging Order legislation comes into force

Last post: Apr 7, 2013

Critical new developments with Charging Orders

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OFT revokes CCL for PayDay loan firm MCO

Last post: Mar 20, 2013

One of the outcomes of the Office of Fair Trade’s (OFT) review of the payday loan industry was the revocation of MCO Capital’s consumer credit licence last August. As of today, the online payday loan firm is not allowed to operate and issue loans to UK consumers.

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How does an Equity Release mortgage work?

Last post: Mar 14, 2013

Equity release is like selling your house or other object of value and getting a lump sum for this or steady monthly payments, but still maintaining use of the property or object in mention.

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