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How to get good debt management advice

Last post: Dec 29, 2012

Though we do work with a professional licensed debt management agency, we’d like to make our clients aware that there are options available out there to assist you with managing your debts that don’t cost. Here’s a quick guide to three of the best.

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What happens when I enter into an IVA?

Last post: Dec 9, 2012

You would have to be leading a sheltered life not to be aware of the economic crisis in this country with an increasing number of people getting into financial difficulty for a variety of reasons.

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Peer to peer lending to be regulated

Last post: Dec 7, 2012

The FCA has announced they are going to regulate the Peer to peer lending market

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How do I get a mortgage in France?

Last post: Dec 3, 2012

With property prices falling in many parts of the world we are seeing an increasing number of people seeking to take advantage by purchasing a holiday, retirement or even investment property abroad. The most popular country that UK citizens buy in is, and always has been, our near neighbour France.

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Lloyds International withdraw from Expat mortgage market

Last post: Nov 7, 2012

Expats planning a return to the UK could face difficulties obtaining a mortgage following a decision by Lloyds International to pull the plug on their expat mortgage products.

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Buying A House In Florida And Getting A Mortgage

Last post: Oct 29, 2012

The recent economic troubles in the US have cause a correction in house prices and nowhere is this more evident than in Florida. We’ve seen a lot of inquiries from clients looking to pick up bargain holiday homes in the state and wondering about how they get a mortgage for it.

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