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Unsecured Loans

Will your Wonga loan be written off?

Last post: Sep 28, 2018

One of the UK’s best known unsecured loan providers, Wonga, has gone into administration. What does this mean for its borrowers? Will they need to repay their loan? We offer answers and advice.

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Secured Loans

What do lenders consider when arranging secured loans?

Last post: Sep 20, 2018

Once upon a time, a payslip, a valuation and quick credit search were all that was required to arrange a secured loan (second charge mortgage). Today processes and regulations are, quite rightly, much more stringent.

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Guarantor Loans

How to create a plan that will persuade a guarantor

Last post: Sep 25, 2018

Create a financial plan which shows your prospective guarantor that you’re able to take responsibility for your loan. These helpful tips will help you present your finances in a clear, convincing way.

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Personal Finance

Could the “50/20/30 Rule” save you money?

Last post: Sep 27, 2018

Are you looking to boost your budget and nurture your savings? Committing to a rigid plan can be a helpful way to get serious. The 50/20/30 rule is one popular option which many savers swear by.

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Recent Blog posts

  • With property prices falling in many parts of the world we are seeing an increasing number of people seeking to take advantage by purchasing a holiday, retirement or even investment property abroad. The most popular country that UK citizens buy in is, and always has been, our near neighbour France.

  • According to statistics released today The amount of secured loans arranged between January and October of this year has already surpassed the entire number for last year by £6.8M. This is because the second-charge loans sector is continuously expanding in order to fill in the gap caused by the reluctance of first-charge lenders to lend.

  • Shawbrook secured loan rates have reduced for many personal applicants in what is a very competitive market place. For instance, the Shawbrook Bank Plus plan has seen a 2% reduction in the interest rate for clients who have a high credit score and a Loan to Valuation (LTV) of between 61% to 75%.

  • There are many types of loans available for borrowers, but knowing which to select can be difficult. Peer to peer loans are a relatively new breed of lending and one which offers unique advantages.

  • Expats planning a return to the UK could face difficulties obtaining a mortgage following a decision by Lloyds International to pull the plug on their expat mortgage products.

  • The recent economic troubles in the US have cause a correction in house prices and nowhere is this more evident than in Florida. We’ve seen a lot of inquiries from clients looking to pick up bargain holiday homes in the state and wondering about how they get a mortgage for it.

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