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New PayDay Loan watchdog launched by CFA

Last post: May 12, 2013

The FCA shows its teeth with the Payday loan sector.

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OFT demands reform in the PayDay loan market

Last post: Mar 7, 2013

The OFT shows its teeth with the PayDay Loan market - and about time too!

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Unsecured Loans for Tenants and Homeowners up to £25,000 available

Last post: Jan 21, 2013

For many years since the credit crunch one of the toughest markets to get finance in has been the Unsecured loan market.

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Zopa to lend to Sole Traders via Government scheme

Last post: Dec 13, 2012

The Government, in the context of a stimulus program called the Business Finance Partnership, has pledged to allocate £1.2 billion in funds towards diversifying the financing options available to small businesses.

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The advantages of Peer-to-peer personal loans

Last post: Nov 9, 2012

There are many types of loans available for borrowers, but knowing which to select can be difficult. Peer to peer loans are a relatively new breed of lending and one which offers unique advantages.

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Top tips when applying for a personal loan online

Last post: Oct 10, 2012

Like so many things, the process of applying for a loan has begun to happen increasingly online. Indeed some loan markets, like PayDay loans, now operate almost exclusively online meaning that without access to the Internet and a savvy knowledge of how this world works, you could leave yourself at a disadvantage.

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