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Is your overdraft more expensive than an unsecured loan?

Last post: Sep 1, 2017

While many Brits wouldn't bat an eyelid at making use of their overdraft, most of us would give an unsecured loan much more thought. Yet, over time, a loan can be more cost-effective than delving into your overdraft. Here's how to crunch the numbers...

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How to cover unexpected vehicle costs

Last post: Aug 1, 2017

Whether you've had a nasty knock, a breakdown or your car's a total write off, staying on the road is often essential. Here's how to cover the costs...

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How to cover the cost of emergency repairs

Last post: Jun 26, 2017

Whether your car's in a bad way, your boiler's gone kaputt or your house needs repairs, proto - these solutions could help you cover unexpected costs.

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Wonga Enters P2P Lending Market

Last post: Jun 6, 2014

The payday loan giant Wonga has made a leap into the world of P2P lending with the launch of its answer to Zopa – Investandborrow. Its offering to savers is certainly attractive, but is this doing anything more than simply bringing the spirit of payday lending into the world of crowd funding.

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118 118 To Offer Personal Loans

Last post: Oct 4, 2013

The telephone directory service company has just launched 118 118 Money that will offer personal loans to consumers having a hard time getting credit from mainstream lenders. Loans can be for as low as £1,000 up to £5,000 with annual interest rates ranging from 36% to 80%.

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Choice Loans is now working with Everyday Loans

Last post: Jul 30, 2013

As part of our ongoing effort to expand the services we can offer our Introducers and clients, we are pleased today to be able to say that we have started working with EveryDay Loans to provide unsecured loan finance of up to £10,000 to eligible UK applicants.

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