Personal Asset Loans

Raising money from the value of your assets

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What is available as a Personal Asset Loan?

  • A short term loan of up to 70% of the value of your asset (depending on the nature of the asset)
  • Loans lengths up to 6 months, with the option to renew the loan after this period if the interest for that period is serviced    
  • No monthly interest payable – all costs can be rolled up and paid at the end of the loan period, depending on your preference    
  • No early repayment penalties if you want to cancel the loan before term

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have poor credit, is this a problem?    

No, definitely not. As long as you have an asset of sufficient value for your loan, your credit score is irrelevant.

How much will this cost?    

Interest is applied on a monthly basis and is typically between 1.5-3.5% per month depending in the nature of the asset and how quickly you need the funds to be in place.

Will I have to pay monthly installments or interest payments?    

Not necessarily. All interest charges can be rolled up and charged to you in one go at the end of the loan but if the loan is for more than 6 months you would need to service the interest every 6 months.

How long can I have the loan for?    

If it’s a personal loan then the maximum is 2 years and you will be required to service interest every 6 months.

How di I get my valuable asset to the lender?    

A free insured service is used for portable assets or for higher value items the valuer can go to you. Any immovable asset (e.g. land or property) is secure with a charge.

Where will my asset be stored for the duration of the loan?    

All assets are held securely in a location dependent on and appropriate to the nature of the asset. They will also be fully insured for the duration of the loan.

How quickly can this be done?    

It can be done in 24 hours but better rates are available if you can wait 1-2 weeks.

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Applying for a personal asset loan

Arranging a Personal Asset Loans personal asset loans is relatively simple, especially with the support of an experienced broker. Here's what you'll need in order to apply...

  • Eligibility Criteria All you need to apply for this type of loan is an asset of value that you are prepared to offer as security. 
  • Documents Required The asset will need to be officially valued. There may be a fee for the valuation process. 
  • Additional Comments The personal asset loan process can take as little as 24 hours to complete. However, if you can afford to wait a week or so, better rates will be available. 

Many customers ask us whether a personal asset loan is the same as a pawn shop loan. The two options share many similarities, but the one crucial difference is that it is far cheaper to choose a personal asset loan over a pawn shop loan. 

The rates on a personal asset loan range from 1.5-3.5% per month depending on the nature and value of the asset, the LTV against the asset and the size of the loan. A pawn shop, by contrast, will likely charge you 4-6% per month, making the personal asset loan the cheaper option.

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