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Secured Loans Up To 100% LTV Now Available From A New Lender

Last post: Sep 1, 2012

Traditional Secured loans have always had a maximum LTV of 85%. Above that only one or two lenders would look at lending and to do so they charged a comparatively high rate. It was always felt that there was a gap in the market for someone to lend up to 100% LTV but at more palatable rates.

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Secured loans in Scotland

Last post: Aug 15, 2012

While many secured loan lenders are keen to lend in England and wales, many have taken the view that they are less keen to venture north of the border. As a result the secured loan market in Scotland is more limited, however, at Choice Loans we do have several options, even for those who have adverse credit.

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Using Secured Loans Instead of Bridging Finance

Last post: Aug 3, 2012

We’ve recently had a few deals that started out as Bridging Loan inquiries but ended up as Secured Loans. While this isn’t a unique or unprecedented occurrence it is happening more frequently recently and the circumstances around the deals seem to share some similarities so we thought it was worth mentioning in a Blog.

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New Secured Loan options for borrowers

Last post: Jun 22, 2012

This week has seen a couple of big developments in the world of loans, with two of the biggest suppliers making massive changes to the services that they offer. Both Nemo and Spring Finance have either added to an existing loan offer or, in the case of Nemo, introduced a completely new product range.

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Lowest rate Secured Loan available from 6.9%

Last post: Mar 19, 2012

Shawbrook bank have today announced that they are dropping the rate on their Secured Loans to 6.9% - this is the lowest rate the market has seen since the credit crunch began and is available on the Platinum Secured Loan products.

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Secured Loans in Northern Ireland - now available!

Last post: Feb 10, 2012

For the first time in over 2 years a Lender has announced they will lend Secured Loans in Northern Ireland.

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