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How to compare loans without damaging your credit rating

Last post: Jan 12, 2018

Requesting a quote for a loan can result in damage to your credit report. When lenders carry out “hard” checks, it leaves a mark on your credit file. Too many of these can damage your rating overall. Here’s how to avoid the issue.

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3 Times never to use a personal loan

Last post: Jan 4, 2018

Secured personal loans can provide a lifeline to responsible individuals with emergency financial needs. However, these products aren’t suitable for everyone in every context...

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The secured loan perfect storm could be rolling in

Last post: Nov 24, 2017

The popularity and availability of second charges is surprising even seasoned finance professionals this year. Following the product’s post-credit crunch rehabilitation, secured loans are proving to be an in-demand option for many clients.

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Are we witnessing the second charge renaissance?

Last post: Oct 24, 2017

Second charge borrowing is booming, with more lenders offering secured loans to a diverse array of clients seeking a more convenient way to source finance. So who is making use of second charges and why are these loans on the grow?

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3 Key questions to ask yourself before arranging a secured loan

Last post: Sep 26, 2017

Secured loans can be very helpful products for individuals with a less-than-squeaky-clean credit record who, nevertheless, have the means to repay their loan and an asset to secure their borrowing against. Considering it? Here are three important questions to ask yourself before going ahead.

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Is an attitude change to secured loans overdue?

Last post: Aug 24, 2017

Many brokers and consumers have an adverse view of secured loans, based on misinformation and misconceptions, which may mean they're missing out on better terms and deals.

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