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The Retirement Mortgage option:

The summary details of this are as follows:

  • Get up to £350,000 (negotiable) subject to a max LTV of 50% and there must be £150,000 equity left in the property
  • Rate can be fixed or variableTerms of up to 25 yearsNo upper age limit on applicants
  • Income must be provable but salary, pension, rental and investment income are all acceptable. In some circumstance income from immediate family members can also be considered.
  • Interest Only options are potentially also available
  • No Early Repayment Charges after the first year
  • The applicant must be the Owner-occupier of the property

This Retirement mortgage is just one option available to those over 65. Though the above terms serve as a good guide (in terms of the amounts and LTVs available) many Lenders do offer varying deals so if you don't meet all the above terms or have a situation that varies slightly from this it is certainly still worth you speaking with a mortgage advisor and see if you qualify for a Mortgages for over 65s

The main point though is that there is now a substantial and growing market for those who are over 65 and want to get a mortgage but who do not want to go down the Equity release route. If you are interested in finding out more then please either call us on 01494 410 125 or fill in the form opposite and we will call you.

Any enquiry you make is, of course, without any cost or obligation to you. We will present you with the facts and let you decide if it is for you. We will not pester you, we will not try to cross sell you other products and we will not pass your details to third parties.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I borrow?    

This is determined primarily by your disposable income. A full fact find will be taken by your mortgage broker and from this they will determine what you can borrow. The maximum LTV available is 95%.

Can I get a mortgage if I have had bad credit?    

There are still options available but it depends on the nature and timing of the bad credit issues you have.

Can I get a mortgage if I am over 65?    

Yes, though there may be some restrictions. See our page about Mortgages for over 65s.

Can I get a mortgage in the UK if I live overseas?    

Yes, though there may be some restrictions. Contact us for further details.


What is needed to apply

Applying for a Mortgage when over 65 is very straightforward. Below are listed the things you need in order to apply.

  • Eligibility CriteriaYou will need clean credit, sufficient income and a deposit (of variable amount but approx 30%).
  • Documents RequiredApplication form, proof of ID and proof of income are all required as standard.
  • Additional CommentsA mortgage usually takes 6-8 weeks to arrange.

Choice Loans work with, and will refer you to, a specialist broker dealing with mortgages for over 65s. We do not offer mortgage advice.

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