What’s your financial personality type?

Last post: Jun 29, 2018

Are you a super-organised penny-pincher? Perhaps you spend impulsively or save up for bigger rewards? Find out more about your financial personality type in this article...

Variety is the spice of life, which is why it's wonderful that no two people are exactly alike. This also means that every single one of us is slightly different when it comes to how we deal with financial matters. 

We all have friends who save up great hoardes of wealth, never spending a penny. We also know that person who goes on seven holidays a year but always seems to be doing just find. Chances are you also have a friend who's a total spend-a-holic and always runs out of funds before payday. Even within these financial "personality types" there's tonnes of variation.

Getting to know your own personal relationship with money can help you manage your finances more effectively. Here are some common financial "personality types". Do you recognise your own personal finance behaviour within them?

1. The Lifestyle Maintainer
This individual spends a lot of money on items and services which allow them to maintain their lifestyle. That means fashion, beauty and recreation. Lifestyle maintainers see their spending as an investment; presenting an image that will ensure their future success.

2. The Sensible Spender
These people may not be super-savvy about finance, but they apply basic common sense to make smart money decisions. These individuals will never get into any debt they can't repay and will always ensure they're back in the black every month.

3. The Smart Saver
Smart savers know exactly what they need to do to secure their financial future. They very rarely make "frivolous" purchases, instead focusing on their long-term success and happiness by nurturing solid pensions and savings.

Whatever your financial personality type, Choice Personal Loans can find the ideal finance products for you. Contact our experts today for more information about loans and mortgages.