Pretending personal finance is hard is a dangerous game

Last post: Nov 10, 2017

How many of us roll our eyes, giggle self-indulgently and say we're “rubbish with numbers” when confronted by mathematics and finance in everyday life? It's time to stop perpetuating the myth and to start getting financially responsible.

 It's easy to believe that numbers are hard and scary. How many of us daydreamed our way through algebra and trigonometry at school, only to panic when confronted by numbers and figures in adulthood?

Excuses, excuses

At school we'd complain to our teachers that the syllabus didn't seem applicable to everyday life: "but Miss, when am I ever going to need to know the angle of a hypotenuse?". As grown ups we take a different tack when it comes to avoiding putting on our mathematical hats and taking financial responsibility.

"It's too hard," we say. "I'm not a 'numbers person,'" we explain. When we picture the people who we believe are capable of coping with the arcane world of figures and equations, we picture stuffy accountants with thick glasses and rocket scientists at NASA.

But, with a little effort and focus, numbers aren't difficult – and they're something we all need to learn to work with in order to look after our finances properly. "It's too hard" is simply a lazy excuse to avoid dealing with an area we don't want to address.

A dangerous game

Failure to apply ourselves to our finances is a recipe for a raft of financial problems, from overspending and debt, to insufficient pensions come retirement. So next time you're confronted with a financial calculation, don't simply say "I can't do it!", sit down, give it your best shot, consult someone with good financial knowledge and if you're still struggling, note down your "problem areas". Then it's time to invest in your skills by improving your mathematical skills and your financial literacy.

Boost your skills

There are lots of very helpful (free!) digital resources you can use to improve your skill set. For starters, why not check out:

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