London couple use guarantor loan to fund IVF

Last post: Feb 28, 2018

There’s happy news for a London couple who used a guarantor loan to fall pregnant through costly IVF treatment after 23 years of trying.

Having children can be a very costly and difficult business for some couples. Even before the nappies, the school uniforms and the support as teens graduate into adulthood are considered, prospective parenthood can cost an awful lot of money.

This is very much the case when conception proves tricky. There are all sorts of reasons why becoming pregnant may be a struggle – or even an impossibility - for some parents. IVF is one path which many choose when becoming a biological parent proves to be challenging. Unfortunately, IVF is a tough and expensive treatment, with many couples and individuals requiring multiple rounds of IVF with no promise of success.

Happily, for many this difficult treatment does pay dividends. This was the case for London couple Carolyn and Michal Lipczynski who became pregnant in 2017 after 23 years of trying to have a baby.

While the NHS typically funds three rounds of IVF for healthy, childless women under the age of 40, Carolyn and Michal had run out of opportunities and had no option but to fund further rounds of IVF themselves.

To make this happen, the couple took on a guarantor loan of £10,000 to pay for one final round of treatment. The loan, guaranteed by Carolyn's father, paid off. The couple are expecting the birth of their baby daughter in March 2018. According to Carolyn: "I've got no regrets at all. If it wasn't for the loan I wouldn't be pregnant right now."

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