How to save money on back to school essentials

Last post: Aug 4, 2017

With the end of the summer holidays looming, it's time for parents to start gathering back to school kit for their youngsters. Here's how to reduce the cost of school equipment.

 Children are expensive. There are no two ways about it. If you're not constantly updating their wardrobe (only to find that their arms have grown three inches the next day), you're shelling out on day trips and entertainment to keep them occupied over the summer holidays. And the expense doesn't end when term time rolls back around...

Stocking up on equipment for school can be a costly business. From new uniforms and new books, to fresh stationary and gym kit, there are lots of bits and pieces your youngster might need for their return to the classroom. This can really add up.

If you're working with a tight budget, these helpful tips can make a big difference to the cost of back to school equipment....

1. Don't take the kids
We all know how kids can be on shopping trips. Show them a wall of stationary and they'll plead for the most expensive pencil case, plus six other non-essential items. Buying equipment alone will ensure the whole enterprise is less pricey. Asking your youngster what type of pencil case or stationary they would like is a good compromise.

2. Shop online

You'll get much better value online than you will in WH Smith's in late August. Buy items you'll need more of during the year (like handwriting pens and pencils) in bulk now on sites like eBay and you'll save a packet.

3. Wait until October

If your child's school uniform, shoes and stationery can last another month, wait until October before refreshing and buying new kit. After the pre-term rush, prices will be high but once everyone's back in the classroom you're much likelier to come across some great discounts.

Do you have any money saving tips which make back to school buying more affordable? Share them with other readers below. Need finance fast? We offer personal unsecured loans to clients with emergency expenses they need to cover, enquire today.