4 Ways to Save Money on Virtually Any Purchase

Last post: May 3, 2017

If you're budgeting carefully or building up your savings, cutting the cost of essential purchases can make a big difference. Here's how to spend less.

There's nothing easy about budgeting and building up savings. Pinching those pennies can be a real problem, especially when emergency expenses arise or everyday costs crop up. However, in many cases, it is possible to spend less on these unavoidable purchases, whether you're replacing a pair of torn jeans or buying your youngster a birthday present.

These four tips will help you save money on all sorts of purchases, helping you stick to your budget and avoid inescapable buys from making a dent in your savings.

  1. Don't buy new
    It's great to have a shiny new product, but that pleasure doesn't last long. Choosing to buy second hand or refurbished products will make those purchases cost less, especially if you choose carefully. To get "good as new" products at a fraction, look for refurbished models, display models or choose last year's product instead of the latest version. 

  2. Buy discounted gift cards
    If you're buying from a specific seller who also offers gift cards, you may be able to buy discounted gift cards online, reducing the overall cost of your purchase. Some websites offer unused gift cards at discounted prices, so it's worth a quick Google before you buy.

  3. Use cashback websites
    Although cashback websites won't always save you money initially, if you use them rigorously, they can save you a decent packet over the long term. Sign up for one of the leading sites such as Topcashback or Quidco to start earning back cash from your online purchases.

  4. Keep a lookout for promotions & coupons
    Coupons, discount codes and special promotions can make essential purchases cost less. Sign up for email newsletters and follow the social media accounts of sellers you frequently buy from, then make your purchases when they are offering special deals and discounts. Don't forget to run a quick search for discount codes before you buy online too.

Do you use have any helpful tips which save you money on your purchases? Share your techniques and budgeting ideas with other readers below.