4 Apps that will help you budget like a pro

Last post: Jun 14, 2017

Want to save more money or pay off a crucial debt? These four applications for your smartphone could make all the difference.

There are many areas in life in which technology gets in the way; when you're trying to write an important email but get sucked into a social media spiral, for instance. Or when you want to get serious about a fitness regime but Netflix is just too tempting... 

But not all technology is a hindrance. In fact, when it comes to stuff like budgeting and finance, tech can be a real help.

Whether you're saving up for a holiday or budgeting in order to repay an important debt, these four applications could help you hit your target and get savvier about your finances in the process.

1. Mvelopes
Based on the envelope budgeting method which allows you to allocate a chosen, ring-fenced amount of your budget to different areas of your life (i.e. food, luxuries, transport), this app syncs with your financial accounts and automatically updates balances. You can even track expenses and share budgets with family members.

2. You Need a Budget
Use this app in conjunction with its desktop version for clear, easy budgeting. Update your transactions on the go, check category balances before you buy to ensure you're not over-spending and stay on top of your finances.

3. Mint
Add all your financial accounts and cards to this app for a very helpful bird's eye view of your money. Build a budget, track your spending, plan bill reminders, get helpful money tips and work towards your financial goals in a clear and workable way.

4. OnTrees
Developed by MoneySupermarket, this app is all about simplicity. By syncing with all major banking accounts, this app allows you to see exactly where your money is going and divide different expenses into clear, colourful sections. With this much information, it's far easier to start managing your money more effectively.

Do you use any budgeting apps to manage your finances? Which would you recommend? Have your say below.