3 Ways a healthy lifestyle could save you money

Last post: Jun 30, 2017

Today's vogue for "clean eating" may look aspirational and expensive, but living a little more healthily could actually help you save money. Here are three ways a healthy lifestyle could cut your spending...

 From the likes of Deliciously Ella in her "oh so fashionable" kitchen, to glowing celebrities who swear by expensive fresh ingredients, the current vogue for "clean eating" looks pretty expensive from the outside. But away from the chia seeds, almond butters and flax seeds, living a little more healthily can actually be very cost effective.

While today's aspirational healthy eating trend takes its toll on many a disposable income, there are lots of ways in which embracing a healthier lifestyle can also be healthy for your bank balance. If you're keen to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your finances and your fitness, these three health-boosting, money savvy options could be the perfect fresh start...

1. Exercise is free entertainment

If you're prepared to embrace the elements (or get your sweat on at home) exercise is totally free - and it can be great fun too! From going for a run with your friend instead of going for a couple down the pub, to getting stretchy with a YouTube yoga tutorial instead of unwinding at the cinema, there are lots of ways you can enjoy evenings and weekends, plus give yourself an awesome endorphin rush, all without spending any money. 

2. Healthy food can be cheaper

If you're buying manuka honey and branded cashew butter from your nearest upmarket health food store every weekend, "clean eating" can be very costly. However, if you're cutting down on meat, fish and dairy from your diet and upping your fresh fruit and vegetable quotient, you could see your food budget shrink - plus you'll be doing both your body and the environment a favour. Cooking vegetables, grains and pulses from scratch is often far cheaper than eating out, ordering takeaway and even buying ready meals.

3. Looking after number one pays off

A healthy body often means a healthy mind. The better you look after number one, the less likely you are to get sick and take time off work. Healthier lifestyles can also leave you feeling more energetic and productive, giving you more time and get up and go which you can use to start a little side-earner or simply pay closer attention to your finances.

Does your healthy lifestyle save you money? Share your healthy, money-saving tips with other readers below.